Teaching dogs to behave around other pets is a common request and can be achieved by applying your dog’s new skills and following our behavioural modification guidelines.

Boarding School For Dogs offers boarding and training for those people too busy or unable to attend either of our two weekly training sessions in Ferntree Gully. These courses are also very popular as a “jump start” to regular training if owners do indeed intend to follow up with weekly classes. We have the 10 Day Canine Communication Course or the Advanced 20 Day Canine Communication Course currently available.

Whilst your dogs stay with us at the Alpha Boarding Kennels, they will be trained by many of Alpha’s trainers and trainees under the supervision and guidance of our Training Director, Greg Fontana. This ensures that your dogs will be familiar with both male and female handlers and of course adds to the overall social aspect of the training. Having extra trainers help out also enables us to work your dogs in group situations where different dog breeds are present to offer more realistic distraction.

At our full-time boarding and training complex we train dogs indoors (lounge-room environment) and outdoors around various distractions such as power tools and farm equipment. Other outdoor distractions include training around horses, sheep, ducks, chooks, cats and of course, other dogs of all shapes and sizes.

We train your dogs to be obedient under realistic distraction and then demonstrate their new skills and good behaviour in your handback session!
All training is safe and effective and you will learn to train your dog with positive motivation rather than rely on outdated force and punishment.
In fact, there is no need for choker chains at all and a training halter is included in the course price. All training is reward based, but not at all reliant on food for consistent results!

The training method used is the same taught at the Alpha Dog Training Weekly Obedience Classes. The “Pattern Learning” Training Method has been developed from the ground up to cater to real life obedience and behavioural shaping scenarios. This innovative and positive, reward based canine communication system teaches both the dog and owner a clear and precise language that helps develop leadership based on understanding. See the Alpha Dog Training website for more training info.

The training methods used have been developed and refined over years of training dogs of different breed, age and temperament that are owned by people from all walks of life. Everything from the common sense handling techniques to the very clever practice strategies are the products of many years of working with owners and their dogs… in their own homes. Time-and-time again owners are absolutely amazed at how good their dogs can really be. Check out some of the kind letters and emails we have received from appreciative and satisfied customers in the testimonials section.

Behavioural problem solving is automatically included into the courses and if there are problems that we cannot deal with in the kennel environment, then we will pass the solutions on to you along with your dog’s new obedience skills, so as you can deal with them as they arise in the home environment. All breeds are catered for and all problems can be addressed. At the very least, obedience training will allow you to communicate with your dog in a language that it can understand. It is nearly impossible to solve any problem if you don’t have the basic tools at your disposal.

Understanding and control over your dog truly is the key to any behavioural rehabilitation

The care and training whilst your dog stays with us is structured for the individual and that is why we achieve such exciting results with our courses. A scared, disoriented dog is much harder for us to train, so comfort and confidence is very much the key to our success. We have some very clever techniques for helping your dogs to settle in and usually by the end of the first day they feel right at home.

The kennels are spacious and clean with separate outside exercise yards and only top quality, fresh food is fed to your dogs. Regular exercise and training ensures that your dog gets plenty of time to stretch out and socialise with other dogs and just generally have a good time. Basically, when they’re not training they are out exercising or playing – see the rest of this website to check out our kennel facility.


Your companions will be well looked after!

Call us on (03) 5968 8101 and talk to a professional trainer for more course details – we will answer any of your questions about the method, the kennels and of course… prices!