Since 1996 Alpha Boarding School For Dogs has been setting new standards for in-house, boarding and training courses in our industry. The Canine Leadership System has been developed through the hands-on obedience training and canine behavioural rehabilitation of many thousands of dogs. The methods are practical, effective and relevant to the common, day-to-day issues that affect all dog owners.

Practical Canine Behavioural Rehabilitation means methods that actually work. The Alpha Canine Group has researched and developed exciting new methods of training and rehabilitation that don’t rely on food lures and are relevant and effective in real-life situations.

Setting exciting new standards for reliable obedience and “good behaviour” shaping by proving that your dogs will retain their new skills in distracting environments and situations… all done in your comprehensive hand-back session at our purpose built facility!

A great training alternative for those who are too busy or unable to make it to weekly obedience sessions

We teach you the new communication and “good behaviour” skills in multiple scenarios under very high distraction!

Important Note: 
Don’t accept anything less than actually being shown what your dog is capable of at the end of the course, in real life scenarios with real distractions. Make sure you’re taught all of the skills required to apply the training at home, so your dog is obedient and well behaved in their normal environment… under the kinds of distraction they encounter on a daily basis. Kids running around, cats, other dogs, a BBQ with friends and family – your dog should listen to you and have good manners no matter the distraction they’re faced with. Distraction is a part of life and our proven training method has been developed to deal with virtually any scenario.

After reading the information on this site:
Call for more specific course details and prices – it is much better to talk to us about your specific situation and discuss how we can help you with your dog. We will gladly discuss everything with you and answer any of your questions!

The obedience and ‘good behaviour’ skills learned at Boarding School For Dogs form a great foundation for developing a new relationship between you and your dog. It is not uncommon these days to find that despite all the best intentions, training the family dog has taken on a less than serious approach due to other pressing commitments. Unfortunately, this is often why undesirable behaviours start to become a part of your dog’s repertoire and before long you could be experiencing problems ranging from digging holes to barking all day/night long. Other problems that are commonly experienced by dog owners are various forms of aggression, over excitability (on walks, around the kids etc.), poor responses to previous training approaches, destructive behaviour or even just finding that your dog lacks confidence in different situations.

Over the years we have had great success in helping many, many dog owners with the myriad of canine behavioural challenges that come our way. The reason for our great results is that we focus on training the dogs in a way that teaches them to “listen” and to understand the values of reinforcements and rewards. This is because the training is not only practical, but more importantly, it is based on sound psychological principles and good old fashioned common sense.

Owners never cease to be amazed at how their dogs are able to demonstrate such a clear understanding of what is being asked of them under distraction in the home environment after a boarding school course has been completed.

This understanding is not just in relation to the obedience commands that have been taught, but also to the behavioural modification techniques that we clearly demonstrate in the hand-back. This way you really get to see how your dog is capable of changing its ways for some of the most stubborn behaviours… right before your eyes. It’s not uncommon for dogs on their return home to maintain stays whilst surrounded by distractions that once sent them crazy, such as: screaming kids, other dogs and even a yard full of chooks coming up to see what’s wrong with the dog that once used to chased them. And guess what? “Good boy / girl” will be the main driving force behind your dog’s new behaviour. You will see exactly how this good behaviour ties in precisely with the new obedience skills that your dog has just learned.

It is this display of canine intelligence that we rely on to prove to the owners that their dogs are in fact capable of better behaviour. It is also our intention at this stage to teach you how to control your dog with these new skills. This truly is an excellent starting point for a great new relationship and it is our goal to ensure that you understand your role in both the maintenance and improvement of your dog’s obedience and overall behaviour. It is vital that you realise that good dogs come from owners who understand them and that the reason your dog may have been wayward to some degree or another is because there was previously no effective guidance and leadership for your pet to follow (particularly from your dog’s point-of-view). Unfortunately for you both, your dog was not sold or given to you with any sort of responsible guidelines as to how you should bring them up. More often than not, many owners find out that their pup is all-of-a-sudden grown up and out of control or perhaps the dog they adopted has more behavioural baggage than expected.

On receiving your newly “trained” dog from us, we will teach you how to take the lead (both literally and metaphorically) in this new relationship. It is actually quite easy for us to teach you how to handle your newly trained dog and you will notice the difference right away. This is why even new dog owners can have such success with this type of training solution. Once your dog knows and understands the exercises it is not that hard for you to learn the new handling techniques and behavioural modification strategies needed to help your dog improve around the home and elsewhere (the two go hand-in-hand).

There is also one other thing that we openly state to all our customers: Your dog will try you out to one degree or another when it comes home again! BUT, don’t let this worry you. There is now a major difference in how you will respond to this situation. You will now know how to address these behaviours and how to recognise your dog’s responses, reinforcing and rewarding them accordingly. It is this “try out” period that really makes the difference and results are often noticed straight away and then steadily improve as you adjust to the new dog ownership ideals that we teach you. It’s not hard and all you have to be is… consistent.

If you are realistic and enthusiastic about your role in helping your dog to understand the new rules around the home and elsewhere (as the majority of people are) then you will join the many satisfied boarding school customers (well over 3000) who have benefited from this great new starting point. Remember, your dog needs your guidance. With all the new knowledge and training skills now at your disposal, this leadership will be much, much easier for you to achieve. It won’t be long at all before your dog is more attentive and responsive to your commands.