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The Handback

The first thing we do when we bring your dog back home to you is get everyone to catch up on old times - your dogs will be so happy to see you once again. We take this approach so as to show you that your dog will be obedient even when he or she is so excited or distracted. It is at this time that we will do a demonstration for you and explain all the exercises that your dog has learned.

During the hand back your instructor will also explain to you relevant dog psychology principals that will enable you and your dog to come to a new understanding as far as daily obedience is concerned. It is our goal to educate you, which in turn will enable you to maintain and improve your dogs newly acquired skills. You will then be taught to handle your dog and receive expert advice and handy tips to make it as easy and fluent as possible.

Common "good behaviour" skills will also be taught to compliment the obedience training that your dog has received. You will see just how quickly new good behaviours can be shaped over the top of old annoying behaviours. By the end of the session you will be amazed at just how well behaved your dog can be around family and friends and other pets.

Simple practice strategies will then be structured into your individual lifestyle requirements. It's easy!

If there are any other problems or questions during this time we will show you how to use the obedience training principles to effectively sort them out. Of course you can also call us if you need advice or assistance any time after your dog has come back home to you and there is also the option of a discounted membership at Alpha Dog Trainings Weekly Classes if you wish to take the training to higher levels.