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Alpha Boarding School for Dogs Testimonials - Maria

Hi Greg,

Just thought you might like to know how Charlie and Maeve are progressing. In a word wonderfully! I have never known Charlie to be so happy and relaxed. He and Maeve are getting on famously - the only thing suffering slightly is the garden (which is no great loss) for they are constantly playing and wrestling. It only took two days before they decided that they really did like each other.

Maeve has, as yet, not attempted to escape. Hopefully she has decided that this is not such a bad place to live. She still loves everyone but is a lot more relaxed, and doesn't need quite so much reassurance. She has now stopped following other people in the park and requesting pats and tickles.

Charlie, though is the most remarkable one, he even lets other people touch him (no hint of him wanting to bite their hand off). The people who frequent the local park where we take them have known him from a puppy and are amazed at the change. He has even approached them for a tickle - truely unbelieveable.

They both now sit on a slight tug of the lead or verbal request and Charlie is very happy to "drop" on request, he also seems to have lost the angry look in his eye. They both continue to improve by the day.

I will write a formal letter of commendation shortly.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Maria Loomes