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COVID-19 modified services

The primary contact number for all boarding or training enquires is still 9753 5766, option 2

Our services have always been in high demand, however, we have been inundated with calls since the approaching end of lockdown and we are trying our very best to catch up. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also understand that we do take time with each enquiry to ensure everything is explained in detail and all questions are answered.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, Alpha Boarding School For Dogs is modifying its services to provide a safer training service. To that end, we are no longer picking up your dogs or bringing them back home as is stated on this site. All training and course hand-backs are performed at our purpose-built boarding and training facility where you will be taught at the end of your course all the skills required to apply the training at home. We have applied this hand-back model to dogs from interstate and country areas for the last 24 years, and with all dogs since the beginning of COVID-19, with great results.

Alpha Boarding School For Dogs is an outlier in our industry and has pioneered methods and standards that go way beyond the impractical techniques of science-based training, and the lack of reality that goes with supposedly positive methods that allow dog behaviour to spiral out-of-control when so often these behaviours are relatively easy to modify or rehabilitate. So don't worry if previous methods have let your dog's behaviour worsen, we can still help. The methods we have developed are based in REALITY and are specifically aimed at teaching your dogs to listen and behave, when required, in distracting, day-to-day situations.

We look forward to discussing your dog's training and/or behavioural issues with you and explaining how we can help.

Thank you for your understanding in these crazy times.

10 Day Canine Communication Course

Much more than just the basics! When we bring your dog home again you'll see an amazing level of control and understanding!

Training the sit step-away (stay) under distraction with other dogs running around. This shot was taken early in the training process. Boarding School For Dogs trainers can achieve incredibly high standards very quickly thanks to the exclusive training and behaviour shaping techniques developed in the Canine Leadership System.

The skills taught on this course go far beyond basic obedience and extend to a clear level of control under the daily distractions of home life. Problem solving techniques and language are built into the training and our exclusive Canine Good Behaviour Shaping techniques are taught to you in your own home when your dog returns at the end of the course.

Boarding School For Dogs Important Note:

We bring your dogs back home to you to prove they will be obedient and well behaved in their normal environment... under the kinds of distraction they encounter on a daily basis. We don't care if there are kids running around, cats, other dogs or if you're having a BBQ with friends and family. Distraction is a part of life and our proven training method has been developed to deal with virtually any scenario.

More full time trainers + More training + Higher standards + Proven, effective obedience and behaviour shaping techniques = Shorter, but more Productive courses!

When your dog returns home, you will be professionally trained by friendly, skilled instructors using our proven hand-back system that can easily adapt to your individual home situation. This is the perfect starting point for either general behavioural issues or for setting new and realistic rules for good behaviour around the home and elsewhere.

For more serious behavioural problems the 20 day course may be more appropriate. When you talk to a trainer we can discuss your individual situation and advise on the best course for you and your dog.

You will of course have training and behaviour shaping strategies to follow once your dog returns home again, but you will be truly amazed at how the new skills have come together and how well your dog can respond to the language of reinforcements and rewards. Your canine communication tool kit is now ready for action!

Call and talk to one of our professional trainers over the phone. We take the time to explain the training and answer all of your questions in detail. We want you to fully understand what to expect from our popular Boarding School For Dogs courses and how they can work for you and your dog!

10 Day Course Prices

1 Dog: $1,300 Incl. GST

50% deposit due at time of booking, pay the balance when satisfied at the end of the professional hand-back session in your own home.

2 Dogs: $2,400 Incl. GST

50% deposit due at time of booking, pay the balance when satisfied at the end of the professional hand-back session in your own home.

Please be aware that if you choose to cancel or reschedule your boarding school booking within 2 weeks of the date of commencement of the course, the booking deposit will be forfeit, and no refund will be available. This allows us the opportunity to refill your dog's position on the course.

If you cancel your booking prior to 2 weeks of the date of commencement of the course a deposit refund may be available minus a $30 administration fee.

Please contact us for substantial discounts on 3 or more dogs.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Outside metropolitan Melbourne Enquiries:

Alpha Boarding School For Dogs regularly trains dogs from all over the state of Victoria. Due to extra time and travel requirements it is necessary to charge a little more to cover our costs. Charges will vary depending on location and can be quoted when you make an enquiry.

Interstate Enquiries:

Alpha Boarding School For Dogs regularly trains dogs from around Australia. Due to extra time and travel requirements (and when necessary, accommodation) for the trainer and transport costs for the dogs, it is necessary to charge more to cover our costs. Charges will vary depending on state and location and be quoted when you make an enquiry.

The 10 Day Course

Your dog will stay at The Alpha Boarding Kennels - the truly quiet kennel. Setting new standards in quiet kennel management!

The Alpha Boarding Kennels is a full time boarding and training complex set on 10 acres with many different and challenging training areas plus a vast array of distractions specifically utilised by Boarding School For Dogs.

Value for money that can't be matched - Price includes:

  • We pick up your dog from your home at the start of the course and deliver it back to your home on the 10th day.
  • All boarding, feeding, brushing (if required).
  • Play and exercise time each day.
  • Basic groom (brush, nail clip, ears cleaned) and hydrobath before returning home.
  • Professional training by skilled BSFD trainers using our proven and effective Canine Leadership System.
  • 2 - 3 hours of professional instruction (including our exclusive Canine Good Behaviour Shaping techniques) taught to you at the end of the course in your own home!
  • High quality, Australian made Blackdog lead & training halter.
  • 100 page Boarding School For Dogs hand-back reference manual.
  • Stylish framed photo of your dog.
  • Boarding School For Dogs phone support line (immediate access to a professional trainer).
  • FREE maintenance training for your dog during future stays at Alpha Boarding Kennels.
  • Significant discounts off optional Alpha Dog Training membership (weekly classes).

This course is designed to give the owners an excellent level of control and understanding in relation to their dogs. Whilst most exercises are done on lead, the stay exercises are done off lead... and everything is done under distraction. The canine learning principles used to teach your dogs at this level of obedience give an even greater foundation of communication for addressing behavioural problems with your dog!

Obedience Exercises

On Lead Training

  • Heeling - Your dog will walk nicely by your side and sit automatically by your side when you stop.

  • Sit & Drop - Your dog will sit and drop on command and will remain there until given another command or released.

  • Sit & Drop Step-Away (stay) - Your dog will stay in the sit or drop position whilst you walk away... Under Distraction!

  • Recall - We will imprint an effective, practical recall on lead and teach you how to work it to a reliable off lead standard in different environments.

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping is taught to you and your dog in your own home during your hand-back session.

You'll be amazed at how quickly your dog responds to behaviour shaping such as: not jumping up on people, not jumping on couches or chairs... or people sitting down (unless invited), not pinching food off coffee tables, not barging through doors or gates (until invited), behaving in a calm manner when inside.

As with all our training, everything is demonstrated under distraction in and around your home when we return your dog back to you!

The main differences between 10 and 20 day courses:

  • The Canine Good Behaviour Shaping is included in the 20 day course option with the exercises pre-taught before your dog comes home again. The extra time allows the trainers to set up more behaviour shaping scenarios that also complement higher levels of obedience.

  • The off-lead obedience is also included in the 20 day course option. The extra time allows for higher standards of obedience under distraction.

  • For more serious and undesirable problems, we can structure the training and behaviour shaping over a longer period of time and specifically stimulate targeted behaviours in controlled scenarios. This is particularly important for extreme, obsessive, nuisance or aggressive behaviours and the 20 day course has proven to be so effective in providing owners with valuable skills for the rehabilitation of dogs with these issues!